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For many, going to the dentist is terrifying. When fear and anxiety prevent people from taking care of their oral health, it leads to really serious problems down the road. This is a big problem, and it makes it even harder for dental patients to deal with important matters such as treatment.

At Kingman Dentistry, we aim to change that by doing everything in our power to make sure patients are completely comfortable in the office. From blankets to beverages and more, we do absolutely everything we can to make sure that you have a great visit. If you are very concerned about visiting the dentist you can also explore our sedation dentistry options.

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top-level hygiene

Premium sanitation

Maintaining a strict hygiene routine is very important for any medical environment, especially when it comes to dentistry. As dentists and dental professionals we are taught from the very beginning how important hygiene is.

At Kingman Family Dentistry we take sanitation to a whole new level featuring some of the state of the art equipment that you have come to expect from your medical providers during these unique times.

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Premium X-Rays

Putting the traditional, harmful X-ray in the past, Dentiray and Dexis digital scanners reduce exposure to radiation by up to 80 percent. These scanners are painless, quick, and easy to use — and they capture highly detailed images with incredible efficiency. X-rays are a thing of the past.

Dentiray and Dexis digital X-ray scanners cut back on radiation exposure up to 80%. The scanners are also quick and painless to use.

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No more impression trays

3D Scans

You've probably heard that 3D Scans and digital technology in the medical field is the next big thing. But what does it do? One amazing use is in dentistry. Your dentist can now deliver comfortable digital impressions to help improve the quality of restorations even more without having to have traditional impressions.

Now, high-tech communication between staff members, doctors, and dental labs allows for an increase in efficiency and, consequently, patient satisfaction.

The additional benefit is that we can instantly send the impression to our lab partners, which means a faster turnaround for your case! The fit is so precise you'll think you have your original teeth!

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