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Meet Dr. Allen Smith, DDS

Meet Dr. Smith
13+ Years of Training and Expertise

Dr. Smith's background

Growing up, Dr. Smith moved all over the United States and spent time in California, Utah, Ohio, Arkansas, Indiana, and Arizona. While moving around, Dr. Smith discovered his passion for dentistry when he was about 12 years old. He broke one of his front teeth and went to the dentist, who was able to restore and repair the damaged tooth. Dr. Smith was so amazed that he knew he wanted to be a dentist at that moment and never looked back. He attended California State University San Bernadino for his undergrad and immediately attended dental school at the University of California San Francisco. After completing dental school, the learning didn't stop there!

Patient Care First

Dr. Smith's philosophy of care

"The most crucial part of any appointment is to ensure that patients feel comfortable and safe. I strive to help patients feel as comfortable as possible when they see me. We can do just that by offering IV sedation, single and full-arch implants, extractions, root canals, Invisalign, and general procedures in an all-in-one place setting. By doing this, patients can streamline their dental care and minimize their anxiety while maximizing efficiency."

Dr. Smith Outside of the office

Dr. Smith is a newer resident of Kingman, Arizona. When he isn't helping patients restore their smiles at Kingman Family Dentistry, he loves to spend time with his family doing outdoor activities such as fishing and camping. Dr. Smith is a father to seven beautiful kids with whom he spends most of his time.Dr. Smith is always passionate about the outdoors and teaches his sons about farming, animals, and ecology. Dr. Smith's most fantastic hobby is taking to the skies in his airplane, a Cessna 206 that he methodically takes care of. When he finds a few spare moments, you can catch him with a pen, drawing whatever comes to mind.

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