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We created our practice in Kingman, AZ to reflect the hard working, intelligent people that we interact with on a daily basis.

When you come to Kingman Family Dentistry, you know you aren't going to a dentist trying to hit quotas or production numbers. You are going to a team that cares first and foremost about patient care.

Dr. Lindsay opened his own practice because he identified a need for a down-to-earth dentist in our community and that's just what he did.

world-class facilities

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We provide a safe and clean environment here at Kingman Family Dentistry. The best equipment means you'll get a beautiful and safe dental experience with Dr. Lindsay and our excellent staff.

We have cultivated a high-tech practice here at Kingman Family Dentistry. Everything from our sophisticated dental equipment to the gorgeous furniture was selected with our patients in mind. Our patients receive the best dental experience possible — one that is safe, beautiful, and thorough.

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A dentist for the people of Kingman

meet dr. Jon Lindsay

Looking for a dentist? Dr. Lindsay is a general dentist who specializes in everything from cosmetic enhancements to dental implants. He uses his extensive knowledge and training to help patients with all of their dental needs.

Whether you need an advanced procedure or a routine exam, you can be certain that Dr. Lindsay is here to help you evaluate all your options and make an informed decision that's best for you.

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Dentist with advanced certifications

meet dr. Allen Smith

Dr. Smith is our resident sedation dentistry expert! Specializing in IV Sedation and more, Dr. Smith is an expert at helping you relax during your dental appointments.

If you suffer from any type of dental anxiety or are undergoing a more intensive procedure; Dr. Smith is your go-to dentist in the Kingman area for relaxing and comfortable dental experiences. Click the link below to learn more about our highly skilled dentist Dr. Allen Smith!

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Kingman's Dental Experts

Meet Our team!

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Office Manager
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Front Desk
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Front Desk
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Registered Dental Hygienist
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Registered Dental Hygienist
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Dental Assistant
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Dental Assistant
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Dental Assistant
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Dental Assistant

high-tech dental care

our technologies and amenities

Technology is an amazing tool. We implement it to make our office modern, and to make your appointments run smoothly. We want your smiles to be comfortable, so we use the latest dental technology.

From tooth whitening to laser cleaning, get all the low-down on what our cutting-edge equipment can do for you. Come by our office and see for yourself how technology can help you feel better than ever.

We also feature a variety of dental amenities from blankets to beverages and sedation dentistry options.

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