Are Implant Retained Dentures Right For Me?
March 24, 2021

Implant Retained Dentures: Are They Right For Me?

Being toothless can affect someone’s quality of life, so more patients are seeking dentists to restore their teeth and smile back. Although there is so many treatment options available, implant retained denture has become the most asked for treatment in the dental clinic. At Kingman Family Dentistry we have a wide variety of solutions to getting you back to smiling including implant-retained dentures!

What is an implant retained denture?

It is a removable dental prosthesis that can be partial or complete denture, construed to replace the upper teeth or the lower teeth or both.

It is made of metal screws (implants) which are placed inside the patient’s gum, where a removable denture (set of artificial teeth) will be placed over them. The metal screws will give retention and stability to the overlying denture. This treatment option is considered an alternative treatment where the traditional denture is poorly tolerated. 

You can learn more about dental implants and our implant retained dentures here!

What is the difference between implant retained denture and traditional denture?

Many individuals who wear the traditional type experience denture dislodgment while talking or eating, this could be quite embarrassing for them. Some have reported that they needed to convert into a softer diet in order to avoid hard food that could lead to denture instability. While wearing an upper traditional denture, the palate will be mostly covered to gain stability, yet this leads to discomfort and distorted taste.

Traditional dentures however can be a great option for those who don't want to stretch their budget when finding a solution for missing teeth. You can learn more about dentures here!

These bothersome features can be avoided by having implant-retained dentures, which are securely and tightly anchored to the patient’s gum thus offers maximum denture stability.

What are the advantages of having implant retained denture? 

  • Implants that are placed inside the patient’s gum will help keep the jawbone in a constant healthy state. Unlike, traditional dentures that constantly compress the jawbone which will eventually lead to its shrinkage. 
  • Chewing, laughing and talking all would be untroubled tasks. Implant retained denture is very stable and retentive inside the mouth; therefore it provides a better quality of life for the patient.
  • Adhesive usage and frequent visits to the dentist for relining are no longer needed with implant retained denture. This type of denture offers better durability and longer life span. 

Adjustments of implant retained denture

After getting initially examined by your dentist, they will discuss the proposed treatment plan and how many implants you will require.

At your next visit, implants will be drilled inside your gum and jawbone; usually, patients will require either 2, 4 or 6 implants, as this will be decided by your operating dentist. 

These implants will be left in your mouth for a period of time until a firm union is formed. After this is achieved, impressions are taken from the mouth to help the technician construct a denture that resembles natural teeth regarding color and shape. 

Following several try-in appointments, your denture will be delivered to you after making sure it perfectly fits your bite.

Maintenance and follow up

Hygiene of your mouth and denture is very crucial at this point, you need to remove your denture and brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush along with rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash. Additionally, you need to brush and rinse the denture with the proper material before placing it back into your mouth. Keeping regular dental visits are essential for the maintenance of the denture and the health of the underlying gum.

Are you interested in implant-retained dentures or looking for a new dentist? Contact us today to explore the possibilities!