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smile design kingman az kingman family dentistry

a smile that fits you

At Kingman Family Dentistry, we offer a unique approach that you can only get with Dr. Lindsay. We prove to you that transforming your smile from insecurity to your favorite feature is the best way to have a long-lasting happy smile. We'll create a unique consultation to get to know your needs and turn your dreams into reality. We have a proven method for making sure you're happy with the outcome.

our smile design process at Kingman Family dentistry

When you want to improve your smile, don’t settle for a quick-fix approach. Smile design and cosmetic dentistry is all about thinking outside the box. You are not just a number going through the motions. A talented cosmetic dentist like Dr. Lindsay can assess your unique situation and come up with an innovative smile design plan that is right for you.

Dr. Lindsay, just like a painter, appreciates the geometry of a subject's natural appearance. He takes his time and understands how to complement natural beauty. At Kingman Family dentistry, you are getting a unique dental experience like no other.

gum reshaping & contouring

If your teeth are short and small, and you’ve always dreamed of a more noticeable smile and longer, grander teeth, it’s your lucky day. You can achieve those aspirations with the help of Dr. Lindsay’s precision laser treatment for gum contouring. This state-of-the-art procedure virtually and painlessly removes soft tissue, giving you the smile of your dreams and the look you deserve. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our smile design and gum reshaping options.

many paths to your new smile

our Smile redesign procedures

When designing with a smile, there are always many options depending on your particular case. Below, you can learn more about the various methods we use to create the smile of your dreams. Click any of them to learn more!

dental crowns kingman az kingman family dentistry


Repair a broken tooth with top of the line dental crowns made from only the best materials available to dentists today. Not only do our crowns look like natural teeth but they offer similar levels of rigidity and functionality.

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veneers kingman az kingman family dentistry


A great way to quickly improve your smile without undergoing invasive and aggressive procedures, veneers offer an affordable solution to improving your smile.

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invisalign kingman az kingman family dentistry


The industry leading technology in orthodontics, these clear aligners will allow you to live your life as if nothing has changed while fixing your smile!

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teeth bonding kingman az kingman family dentistry

Tooth Bonding

A great alternative for minor cosmetic fixes, many people who want veneers or other costly cosmetic services can often achieve similar results with bonding!

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dental implants kingman az kingman family dentistry


The best way to replace a missing tooth, dental implants provide a strong and robust replacement that will outlast your natural teeth if taken care of properly.

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all on 4 implants kingman az kingman family dentistry

All-On-4® Dental Implants

These full mouth restoration snap in dentures are a great solution for those who are not interested in traditional dentures.

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