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A family man with the goal of serving your family with the same quality and care he would show his own children. When you come to Dr. Lindsay, you can trust that you are choosing a dentist who genuinely enjoys his work. Dr. Lindsay is passionate about helping others and working with a team to provide the best care possible for his patients. Growing up in Provo, Utah, Dr. Lindsay developed a dentistry passion through his best friend's dad, a dentist. While observing him and his practice, he quickly became enamored with the profession and fell in love with the idea of being able to help others smile.

Meet Dr. Lindsay
Years of Training and Expertise

Dr. Lindsay's background

Dr. Jon Lindsay grew up in Provo, Utah, where he attended Provo High School. Upon graduation, he enrolled at Brigham Young University. After he graduated from BYU, he decided to participate in the Ohio State University College of Dentistry. It was during this time that Jon met and married his wife, Kirstin. The two have been happily married ever since with three wonderful children, Camden, Shannon, and their youngest, Spencer.

Patients Above All Else

Dr. Lindsay's philosophy of care

"My goal as a dentist is to get to know my patients personally so I can understand and meet their dental needs by providing excellent patient care and a lifetime care philosophy."

Dr. Lindsay Outside of the office

When Dr. Lindsay isn't in the office, he enjoys watching football and is a major fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes. He also likes playing golf in his spare time and exploring different places with his family. He and his wife, Kirstin, and their three wonderful children enjoy hiking, swimming, playing tennis, and being outdoors. Dr. Lindsay recently completed a beautiful and grueling hike from rim to rim of the Grand Canyon. Ask him about it during your next visit!

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