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Kingman Family Dentistry has everyone covered for care. From grandparents and grandchildren to in-laws and parents, there's no one we can't help. Our team is truly dedicated to helping families across the community.

bringing your child in for their first appointment

It’s never too early to take your child to the dentist. As soon as their first tooth emerges, get them in for a checkup. Waiting too long can cause cavities.  Our office will make your child feel comfortable during their visit and encourage good oral hygiene from an early age on with toys and stickers. By stopping tooth decay early, we will prevent a trip to the dentist's office when they are older.

Mouth Guards

A superb way to protect children's smiles is with a mouth guard. If your child participates in sports like football or hockey, they should get one of these. A mouth guard made from hard plastic that protects children's teeth is much better than other options, such as "boil-and-bite" guards. We can create a mouth guard that is a perfect fit for your child's teeth which means that they will be more comfortable and better protected.

dental sealants and protective coatings

In addition to oral care products and drinking water, fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, reducing the risk of cavities. Giving your child a fluoride treatment during their regular check-ups is a convenient way to strengthen their teeth. It can be applied by quickly and painlessly brushing on topical silver diamine fluoride gel onto your child’s teeth.

Children under the age of ten are likely to get food stuck in their molars. When they do, cavity-causing bacteria can grow and cause serious dental health problems. Cleaning this hard-to-reach area is difficult for children, so dental sealants can be used to keep that bacteria off and improve overall health. A thin layer of white composite resin can be applied into the dental sealant material, which bonds to the tooth.

special needs dentistry

We strive to provide care for everyone. That means that if you or your child has any special needs, we are here to accommodate you to the best of our abilities. If we do not have the proper facilities we have a number of specialists that we can refer you to, in order to ensure that you receive the best possible care, even if that isn't at our particular office.

what are non-nutritive habits

Does your child tend to suck their thumb? Although this is normal during a toddler's years, persistent sucking past the age of four can leave teeth damaged and bite development disturbed. We are here to help your child break the thumb-sucking habit.Have you noticed your child sucking his or her thumb? This is completely normal in children but persistent thumb-sucking past the age of four can damage not only their teeth but also the development of their entire bite.

Pulp therapy

Even though your child has healthy teeth now, if your child suffer an accident and chips or damages a tooth, there is a risk of tooth infection when they are young. That’s where Dr. Lindsay comes in! He can stop the infection and prevent permanent damage while keeping your child comfortable. If you have a baby tooth or a permanent one, it is important to make sure it’s in good shape, because if it’s not, you risk serious damage.

dentistry made simple

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