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Why wait? For your convenience, we offer FREE Dental Emergency Exams. During this period, we examine your gums for any signs of gum disease and your teeth for cavities and other issues. Also included is an examination of your throat, neck, mouth and face for issues that may affect your oral health.

At Kingman Family Dentistry, we offer emergency dental services because of our commitment to every single family in the community. We realize that emergencies happen all the time and can happen at any hour. That’s why we aim to offer quick and painless treatment for any dental issues that may arise from cracked and chipped teeth to replacing missing teeth.

Your oral health and comfort are of the greatest importance to us, so we want to help you get your smile back in shape. Your safety is our top priority.

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If you are in pain from a toothache or cracked/chipped teeth, we have you covered. We offer Emergency Dentistry to help you quickly recover. Whether our office can assist you or refer you to a specialist, you can trust we are here for you and will help solve your dental issues.

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Cracked Tooth Repair

There are many ways we can crack a tooth from eating a popcorn kernel to chewing on our favorite candy. Accidents happen! But we are here to help.

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chipped tooth kingman az kingman family dentistry Kingman Family Dentistry Kingman, AZ

Chipped Tooth Repair

When going about your daily life, accidents can happen. The great news is that our team at Kingman Family Dentistry is here to help!

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Free Emergency Dental Exams

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If you are experiencing any pain in your mouth, call us immediately! A pain in the mouth can often times be a scary thing. Pain could mean a variety of underlying medical issues that's why we provide FREE EMERGENCY DENTAL EXAMS .

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