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VIP Payment Plan

better than dental insurance

the vIP Payment Plan at kingman family dentistry

It's not insurance, it's better! One of the unique benefits to visiting Kingman Family Dentistry is our VIP Payment Plan! This is a discount plan based on a fixed rate. It allows you to pay for dental procedures with a monthly fee that also rewards you with discounts toward your work.

the best dental plan in Kingman, AZ

ok, but what is the plan?

Don't have dental insurance? VIP Payment Plan is here to help. Our affordable payment plan is a great way to reduce the cost of your dental procedures for you and your family. With our plan, you can save up to 50% on almost all general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. You don't need dental insurance to get the care you need.

Pay Less - The best way to save money on dental procedures, plans start as low as $5 a month.
Dental Emergencies Are Included - Not only do you not have to wait for approval but you also get priority for dental emergencies.
A Plan For Every Household - From family of four to a single bachelor there is a plan for you! You can save thousands on dental costs.
person smiling at dentist  kingman az kingman family dentistry
person smiling at dentist  kingman az kingman family dentistry

no claims, no hassles, just discounts

What makes it different from dental insurance?

The VIP Discount Plan is an affordable alternative to dental insurance and other payment plans. We are simply a payment plan dedicated to improving your oral health and your wallet. Don't sit here and think that what you currently have is good enough. Isn't our health worth it? Isn't your wallet worth our plan? Take the first step toward better health, just fill out the form above.

No Limits Or Excluded Procedures- unlike dental insurance you don't have to worry about stingy fine-print.
No Approval Needed - Insurance companies will usually let you sit in pain while they decide if you're treatment is worth it, not with our plan!
No Insurance Adjusters- There isn't some overworked claims adjuster trying to pinch every penny that you spend. Simply qualify and you know your costs.

dentistry made simple

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