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replace a missing tooth

If you have one or more missing teeth, you’re in luck! Bridges can fill in the gaps and help with your bite and your looks. It keeps your healthy teeth nearby from shifting out of place and protects your jaw from dying.

Even if you have missing teeth, bridges are the solution to a perfect smile.

The pontic, or the false tooth in a bridge, consists of two crowns that hold the missing tooth's place surrounded by other crowns for the neighboring teeth. Bridge restorations can be made to exactly match your natural teeth and prevent remaining teeth from shifting.

A bridge, or fixed dental restoration, replaces one missing tooth or several missing teeth with one false tooth or several false teeth. The resulting piece is custom fitted to fill the space.

our dental bridge process

Getting a bridge can take several steps to complete. The first appointment with your dentist involves preparing your teeth, taking impressions and records, as well as making the temporary bridge. A lab will use these in making your permanent bridge, which takes about 10-15 days.

When you come in for your second appointment, all that's left is to place your permanent bridge. Your dentist will make sure everything is symmetrical and perfectly aligned before making sure it works beautifully as a unit.

post-bridge maintenance

Bridges need the same TLC as natural teeth. Regular checkups, cleanings, and at-home oral hygiene will keep your bridge in tip-top shape.

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