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If your tooth has a crack, it most likely lies in the chewing surfaces of the back of your mouth. The bulk of chewing food takes place in the back teeth where the cracks commonly occur. The problem is hard to spot, but once you identify it, you will see a thin white line on the enamel that was formerly there.

We offer emergency appointments for when you experience those painful situations such as a cracked tooth. It is important to visit a dentist as soon as you identify a cracked tooth as it can lead to dangerous symptoms.

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Cracked teeth are a common problem. There are many things that can cause them: an existing filling, chewing hard foods, or grinding your teeth. A cracked tooth will not necessarily cause pain unless you start to experience swollen gums around a certain tooth or increased sensitivity. If this happens, you should make an appointment with us to have the situation diagnosed as soon as possible.

how we fix a cracked tooth

Cracked teeth are more severe than chipped teeth. Treatment for a damaged tooth is dependent on the severity of the crack in it. If the crack is less severe, a dentist will place a cap over the tooth to protect and restore it. If it's more severe and extends deeper into the tooth, you will still require a cap.

If your tooth has a crack, the dentist will most likely perform a root canal procedure to remove the pulp inside. If the crack is very severe, you may have to have your tooth extracted, but never fear — a treatment plan can be created for a replacement tooth. The Dr. Lindsay and our team will do our best to save your existing teeth, but if we can't it may be time to consider additional options for tooth replacements.

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If you are experiencing a dental emergency and you are experiencing a great deal of pain please don't hesitate to call us, or if you feel you emergency is severe call 911 as soon as possible.

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