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Your teeth begin to wear and chip with excessive use and could lead to unsightly chips that can hurt the appearance and functionality of your teeth. Usually, it is the front of the tooth that gets chipped, and aesthetics tend to be your main concern because the jagged surfaces are noticeable. This problem is not painful unless the chip reaches deeper and exposes nerve endings.

We have all the necessary training and equipment at Kingman Family Dentistry to get your smile back to looking 100% quickly.

how do i get a chipped tooth?

There are several ways you can chip a tooth. If you bite into hard food, you could crack your teeth. Falling down or getting hit in a sport could cause the same issue. You could also chip your teeth while you are sleeping by grinding your teeth or by not having enough calcium in your diet.

Your lifestyle habits and risk factors are directly related to whether or not you chip your teeth.

Our Chipped Tooth Repair Process

If you have a chipped tooth, repair options depend on the size and location of the chip. Shallow chips can usually be repaired in one appointment. Your dentist will begin by carefully cleaning the site, then apply a bonding material to fill in the area and restore the tooth. This will usually match your natural teeth in color and appear seamless.

Repairing a deep chip will require the removal of the nerve and pulp in that area. The strength of the newly bonded tooth will depend on where the chip is located on your tooth and how much damage was done to the surrounding nerve and pulp.

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