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cavities are no joke!

A cavity is a hole in a tooth most likely caused by bacteria that accumulate from eating unhealthy foods and chewing with your mouth open. You won't experience any symptoms until it's too late and you start to feel pain or see openings in your teeth.

That's why it's important that you brush your teeth, get regular dental exams, and have any cavities filled as soon as they appear. Be proactive about their appearance and you won't end up with serious dental problems that could be difficult to heal and expensive to fix.

how we fill cavities at Kingman Family Dentistry

Dr. Lindsay will begin removing the cavities by preparing the tooth with a drill. The entirety of bacteria in the cavity must be taken out before you can move forward with the restoration. Depending on the size and depth of the cavity, anesthesia (Novocain) may be required to help take any pain from drilling away.

The dentist will keep the damaged tooth isolated while the filling is applied. He will use a special hardening light to let the filling set.

how to prevent cavities

If you want to avoid having to have Dr. Lindsay fill your cavities, we recommend establishing a consistent dental hygiene routine. Brushing at least twice a day, floss at night and visit the hygienist every 6 months. Not only will this prevent cavities but it will also help with your overall health!

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